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Fit + Sizing Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions regarding DOLAN scrubs fit & sizing.

How do I find my size?

Our size guide is a general guideline for helping you find the best fit for you. You can check it out here. Still have questions? We’re happy to help. Send us an email here with your measurements, and a photo (optional) and we'll give you our size re

What is your size range, and do you have plus sizes?

We carry sizes XXS-XXL with options for petite short, petite, regular, tall, and taller pant lengths. Our women’s Plus size product line will launch this year, and we’re working to launch men’s Plus size early 2023.

Can I mix and match the TLC & CORE Fabric Options?

While we didn't design them to be worn as a set, you can absolutely wear your Dolans however you see fit! If you mix and match the TLC & CORE collections, you may find the corresponding colors are very similar, but not exactly the same. We work hard

Do you carry Petite pants?

We’ve got not one, but two petite lengths to choose from. Our scrubs can skip the alterations and get you right to work. Find Petite Pants here. Find Petite Short Pants here

Do you make Tall pants?

You can shop a TALL length in every style and a TALLER length in the following styles:. Hope Jogger, Curve Hope Jogger and District Pant in CORE colors. You can also visit the product page and order a custom length inseam - for a fit that’s literally

Core seems more durable, but is it still soft?

Yes, pinky promise. It’s been described as “buttery smooth” and “luxurious” by adoring fans. Plus, it has 4-way stretch fabric for seamless movement and comfort that will have you feeling free.

Does petite length in scrub pants mean the rise will be different?

Does petite length in scrub pants mean the rise will be different?

Do you make petite tops in plus?

Petite length scrub tops in plus sizing are in the works at DOLAN

What does petite mean for tops? Is it just the length or is something else different?

Find out the difference between our petite scrub tops and the regular fit

Does petite mean the legs will be slimmer or different than the regular?

Q: Does petite mean the legs will be slimmer or different than the regular?.

I'm in between sizes on the Hope jogger, what are my options?

What to do if you are in between sizes on scrub pants.

Are your scrubs preshrunk?

Yes! All of our scrub fabrics are preshrunk, so no shrinkage during wash will occur. Go ahead and purchase your best fit according to our size chart!

Does Dolan carry Maternity?

Yes! We have Black and Navy Maternity scrub pants and tops styles to choose from. You can find them details about both styles and links to their pages below. Experience a new level of comfort and style with the Pia maternity scrub top. Designed with

My body shape is more round so my midsection is larger than my shoulders - what tops do you recommend?

A: We recommend the CORE Mission or Alpine scrub tops or our TLC Walker scrub top.

I have a big back. What is the best scrub top for me?

Q: I have a big back. What is the best top for me?. A: We'd recommend our Alpine, Mission and Cypress scrub tops for anyone with broad shoulders. All three of these scrub tops have a dropped shoulder, a more relaxed style of sleeve vs. a set in sleev

What if my size is sold out?

First, don’t panic! We replenish our stock regularly, it’ll be back soon. If it can’t wait, shoot us a note here and we’ll get back to you with the next in stock date and expedite if we can.

Which scrubs are best for carrying around lots of stuff?

Need to operate hands free? We made scrubs for that, a whole bunch of them, and CORE is what you’re looking for! Our Women’s Hope Jogger Pant has a whopping 11 pockets, our Men’s Andre Jogger Pant has 8, and most of our CORE tops have pockets too.

What are the best scrubs for physical therapy or movement?

When it comes to movement, TLC steals the show. The lightweight, flexible fabric moves with you and never holds you back. They’re breathable and provide just the right amount of stretch.

Do you carry scrubs with long sleeves?

Our current lineup includes our 3/4 sleeve CORE Alpine Dolman Scrub Top and 3/4 sleeve TLC Solaire Top. We’ve got a long sleeve TLC Top coming very soon! *Pro Tip* Layer one of our uber comfy underscrubs with your favorite DOLAN short sleeve top.

Which scrubs are best for working with animals?

Our TLC scrubs are great. They’re anti-static and antimicrobial so fur and odors just don’t stick.

What is the difference between Core and TLC lines?

The difference between the two is that the TLC is light, quick dry, and almost active feeling. While the CORE is a little more durable, and our best-selling fabric. Both are stretchy (some think the TLC is a little more), super soft, antimicrobial, a

What if the Hope jogger is tight on my calves?

We've got you covered! We designed the CURVE HOPE jogger with extra room in the thighs and calves for a more comfortable fit.