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Can I add embroidery to my scrubs?Updated a year ago

Ready to make it official? We can embroider any CORE scrub top of your choice. 

To add embroidery to your order click "yes" Add embroidery +$15.00 on the scrub top product page. Next, fill out the following 2 line options with your name and or title. 

The font we offer, at this time, is BLOCK (see below).

*Please note all orders with embroidery will take up to 2 weeks additional to shipPlease ensure that your embroidery form is correct before finalizing your order. We cannot make any changes to your order once it's processed or shipped. 

Orders with multiple items will be held and shipped in a single shipment. 

Have questions about adding logos? Reach out to us at [email protected] to tell us more about your embroidery needs.

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