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Frequently asked questions about the DOLAN brand, our products, and discounts.

What is DOLAN all about?

We think it’s time to bring scrubs up to speed. Inclusivity, representation, and body positivity are at the forefront of the DOLAN revolution for healthcare apparel. Our mission is simple - to design incredibly comfortable, high quality scrubs.

How did DOLAN start?

DOLAN started in 2020 - where premium healthcare scrubs meet inclusivity, innovation, and impact. DOLAN makes comfortable, feel-good scrubs for EVERY body. Real bodies are our inspiration and creating the best fit for every shape is our focus. Makes

What makes DOLAN scrubs so different?

Let’s get down to brass tacks, here’s what makes DOLAN scrubs stand out from the crowd: High quality yarn blends create innovative fabrics that offer 4-way or mechanical stretch. We use performance smart yarns.

Are DOLAN Scrubs antimicrobial?

Yes! All DOLAN Scrubs and Underscrubs are engineered with antimicrobial technology - keeping freshness in and odor out.

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